Chapter One Teaser . . .

The inferno threatened to devour her, yet she pushed further into the blaze. A voice whispered through the ash—familiar, inviting. She clambered through the crumbling building, finding nothing but destruction. That voice—she had to find where it came from. Someone was in trouble, and she was fumbling to save them.

All her life she had struggled to find a purpose—to uncover her true calling. Her earliest memories were filled with desire to be adventurous, successful and above all, to be remembered for something great. But after twenty-one years, she was still living in the shadows of lost dreams and empty ambitions. But to save a life—that was something she could be proud of.

Beads of sweat ambushed her brow. Tendrils of smoke danced among flickering embers, and her bright green eyes found what they searched for. In the far corner lay a body, writhing in agony. Its limbs twitched violently, silently screaming for the sweet release of death. The crackle and spit was deafening. The ceiling threatened to collapse at any moment. A scream tugged at Olivia’s throat, her voice stolen by the smoke—she was running out of time.

She approached the body. A silent moan echoed in her soul, too hot for tears to form—she was too late. Nothing but a crisp corpse remained. Its jaw agape, twisted in an eternal scream. Sunken holes replaced its eyes and tiny wisps of silver smoke rose from between charred teeth. The pain etched on its bones was enough to twist Olivia’s stomach into knots. And then—

Blue flames erupted, battering Olivia in a wave of heat that prickled her skin. She screamed, and her legs buckled. She crashed to the ground, shattering the floorboards. Splinters of wood pierced her flesh as she fell into a dark pit of smouldering smoke. She braced for impact, limbs flailing as she fell into bitter nothingness . . .


© A. E. Mitchell. Excerpt from Chapter One of my first novel, still in editing phase.


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