About Angela. E. Mitchell

Aspiring author born in Brisbane and now living in South Sydney with my husband and daughter (with another little girl on the way). When I’m not chasing around after an energy-fueled toddler, I like to read and write. But as any full-time mother will tell you, time is of the essence when you have a little one to look after.

I have one novel currently in the editing phase which I aim to get published after the arrival of baby number two in April 2017. A further two books will complete the series—after I’ve enjoyed the company of my newborn baby girl.

When my brain becomes fried from the endless editing ruling over my life, I sit down, find a good writing prompt, and dive headfirst into a fresh new story of only a page or two—much easier to edit than an entire manuscript.

Writing has filled my life with a joy I have never felt before—much different to the joy of being a mother—and it seems to me, that I have finally found my calling in life. Join me in this adventure. Stand by as I explore the richness of words, the strength of stories and the charm of characters just waiting to be discovered.


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