Current Projects

Updated October 2017

  1. Chokers Hold – NaNoWriMo project, 2017.
  2. Heir Of Nightmares   –  currently in the editing phase.

When Olivia reads to the patients at the Nursing Home where she works, she sends them—quite literally—into the story. Every sight, sound, smell, touch—everything—is experienced as if they were truly walking through the pages of the dusty books that line the walls. But it does nothing to soothe the heartache of her personal life. Family tragedies and strange disappearances plague her and the small town she lives in. And someone—or something—evil, has its eyes on Olivia. Will she be the next to disappear? What she must to do to survive will stretch her to her limits, starve her of her sanity. But what she uncovers will change her life forever. A family secret she could never have imagined, and maybe an answer to why she has such a special gift.